Dr. Park Invited to Perform Penile Implant Live Surgery in Hanoi, Vietnam

On March 1st, Dr. Park proctored and held inflatable penile prosthesis surgery training in Hanoi, Vietnam

Dr. Park performed two surgeries with Prof. Bac’s team. The first surgery took place at Hanoi National University hospital and the second at Dong-do Hospital, which is one of the leading centers for IVF procedures in Vietnam

Vietnamese urologists initially gained interest when Dr. Park performed Vietnam’s first inflatable penile implant surgery on July of 2019 at 115 People’s Hospital in Ho Chi Minh city

The 1st surgery at Hanoi National University Hospital was broadcast live to the conference room for various urologists & andrologists in Vietnam to observe the case. Afterwards, Dr. Park conducted an in-depth lecture and Q&A session on inflatable penile implants. The VTC14, a public broadcasting company in Vietnam, covered Dr. Park’s live surgery & conference and broadcasted it at the main news station

Dr. Park’s live-surgery on inflatable penile implants