Freeing Men From Their Penile Shackles

2022 Penile Implants Body Lab, Barcelona, Spain, Training Leader
2018 ISSM, Penile Implant Surgeons on Quality of Life Medicine

Erectile Dysfunction is a Lonely Condition

No one to ask, share, or talk to. This makes it harder to get proper treatment while medical advancements can cure most cases of erectile dysfunction

Our sexual function deeply relates with our self image and directly affects relationships with other people, especially a significant other

Understanding the disease is the start to overcoming ED

Definitive Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Why Penile Implants?

The goal of ED treatment is Patient Satisfaction. Among various treatments, Penile Prosthesis – surgical correction has shown the best patient satisfaction (92~98%) for the past 45+ years

While oral medications are widely known, penile implants are quite unknown to both patients and physicians

Understanding this treatment option has made a huge difference in many men’s lives


Redo IPP Surgery

The footsteps of those who walked ahead becomes the path of the followers

The experiences of others might help you understand the journey

News – Academic Activities

2023 UKSH Penile Implant Symposium, Germany

2023 Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel, Germany

Dr. Park invited to lecture and do surgical demonstrations on inflatable penile implants

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