Patient Testimonials on Penile Implant

Experiences spoken by patients themselves might give you a better understanding on how treating ED could change one’s life

#21 Redo IPP Surgery after Mechanical Failure
#20 Inflatable Penile Prosthesis after Prostatectomy
#19 Revision of Penile Implant

Letter from Mr. Brown

Dear. Dr. Park, Ted and Kevin. I want to thank you all for the professional, compassionate care you provided to me over the past few days. In every way you far exceeded the already high expectations I had for you and your clinic. I would highly recommend your services to anyone in need of penile implant surgery.

Letter from Mr. R. Davies

 To Dr. Park and staff at the Stand Up clinic, I thank you all for the warm arrival at the clinic. Your staff is very efficient and carried out the pre-op procedures so that the penile operation was underway within 2 hours of my arriving at the clinic. The after care was excellent. I have not suffered any pain and have had the mildest discomfort during my time over the past month. I’m very pleased as to the way things were explained to me before and after the operation. On having my sutures removed on my return home in Thailand at the Bangkok hospital, the urologist had said that the operation was one of the best he had seen, and that South Korea was so far advanced in most medical fields and that a lot of Thai doctors study in South Korea. So once again, I thank you for your before, during, and after care, and many thanks to Ian for the support he offered.

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