About Dr. Park

2022 SMSNA & ISSM Meeting, Miami US, Cadaver Training
2022 Penile Implant Body Lab, Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Sean, Sung Hun, Park is a Korean board-certified urologist who specializes in Penile Implant surgery

In 2012, Dr. Park went to the U.S. to train in prosthetic urology, especially in Penile Implant surgery. It was there that he luckily met Dr. Steven K. Wilson, MD, FACS, FRCS, a physician well regarded as the godfather of prosthetic urology

“Learn from the best.
That’s why I gave up my comfort in Korea and went to the U.S. for Penile Implant surgery training”

Penile Implant Expert’s on their thoughts about Dr. Park

Under Dr. Wilson’s guidance, Dr. Park completed his unique prosthetic urology fellowship, where he visited other high volume implanters in the U.S.

Dr. Park’s journey of training, presentations, and collaboration around the globe

After his fellowship, Dr. Park started his own Penile Implant practice in Seoul, South Korea – Stand Up Prosthetic Urology – to follow Dr. Wilson’s path as a prosthetic urologist

“I went to the U.S. to learn surgery. But after seeing my mentors become happy due to their patients’ happiness, I realized how to live a happy life as a surgeon”

2023 AUA Meeting, Chicago US, Abstract
2019 Dr. Park’s Penile Implant Surgery Training Course Viet.#1

Dr. Park is frequently invited to international conferences to present his research or to give lectures on penile implant surgery 

Through his center, he also runs a physician training program, as training is also an essential part of medical education

“Being a doctor means life-long learning. I believe that’s the only way to serve my patients right”

2021 SMSNA Meeting, Scottsdale US, Moderator
2023 Seoul Conference on Penile Implants, Lecture
Dr. Park's Penile Implant Accreditations

Stand Up Urology is a registered medical institution for foreign patients by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare and a certified Center of Excellence by the Institute for Urological Excellence. Dr. Park is also a member of The International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM)The Asian Pacific Society for Sexual Medicine (APSSM)The Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA)The Society of Urologic and Prosthetic Surgeons (SUPS)The American Urological Association (AUA); and The Korean Urological Association (KUA)