Stand Up Urology

[Medical Special] Becoming a Center of Excellence for Penile Implant Surgery

From the very beginning, the sole focus of Stand Up Urology was penile implant surgery. This lead to our center’s dense and voluminous surgical experience

It also helped us realize that penile implant surgery is not just a technique: it’s an art form

By this, our center runs on three core principles

1. The Future Doesn’t Come By Itself

Doing the same as yesterday won’t change tomorrow

For better patient satisfaction, everyday we strive to innovate penile implant surgery through clinical practice and academic research

2. Streamlined, Meticulous Surgery Meets Thorough Patient Care

Our organically structured professionals manage the same surgery over and over again

That’s how we became a state of the art penile implant team

3. Form Follows Function

We are one team with one goal: the surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction. Especially with penile implants

Every step of your penile implant is integrated within our center so that the entire process is under complete control

We became one of the world’s highest volume penile implant centers by refining our practice every single day

Not just a surgeon, but his whole team, too, should be experts of what they do

That’s what made us a Center of Excellence

Dr. Widi Atmoko on his training at Stand Up Urology