Penile Implants and Penis Size

Size Reduction vs. Size Restoration

Penis size is often at forefront of our patient’s minds when considering IPP Surgery

ED negatively affects your size. The longer the duration, the smaller it becomes

As such, size restoration should be considered when having Penile Implant Surgery

Dr. Park Discusses His Philosophy Behind Size Restoration

Penile Implant Patient Discusses His Size After Surgery

What Research Says About Size Restoration

According to our data, most of our penile implant patients restore their length six months to a year after surgery

If you would like to know more about our center’s work on size restoration, simply contact us here

Augmentation Phalloplasty

For men, size matters

Augmentation phalloplasty could be considered if a penile implant is not enough to restore lost size

There are various ways of achieving this goal, each of which depends on the patient’s current anatomic status