Penile Implant

Why Inflatable Penile Implants?

A Penile Implant works just like a dental implant – other functions like sensation, orgasm, ejaculation and urination will remain the same. It only helps achieve an erection

As one does not have to worry about their erectile ability & rigidity after a penile implant, it shows the highest patient & partner satisfaction rate (92~98%) among all other methods

Dr Park’s message for ED Patients
Patient Testimonial on Penile Implants

Penile Implant Under Local Anesthesia

Dr. Park presenting on his Local Anesthesia Technique

For the past 45 years, surgical techniques for IPP placement have evolved to achieve the optimum postoperative outcome – patient safety and satisfaction

To further enhance this outcome, Dr. Park pioneered local anesthesia for IPP surgery which could reduce postoperative pain and negate hospitalization