Penile Implant

Why Inflatable Penile Implant?

Penile Implants work a lot like dental implants, actually. After the surgery, all of the penis’s primary functions – sensation, orgasm, and ejaculation – will remain the same

Because penile implants show dependable rigidity and longevity, they also have among the highest patient satisfaction rate by far

Dr Park’s message for ED Patients

Patient Review on Penile Implant

Penile Implant Under Local Anesthesia

Dr. Park presenting on his Local Anesthesia Technique

For the past 45 years, surgical techniques for IPP placement have evolved to achieve the optimum postoperative outcome – patient safety and satisfaction

An additional option for patients wanting surgery is to have the procedure done under local anesthesia, a technique pioneered by Dr. Park himself

Local Anesthesia is a good example of how we’ve engineered our center to avoid unnecessary risks, as well as unnecessary hospitalization. Doing so lowers the burden on the patient’s body, and mind