Dr. Park Lectures & Performs Live Surgery at Prosthetic Urology Masterclass in Bishkek

On August 2nd-3rd, the Prosthetic Urology Masterclass in Bishkek held its first symposium for inflatable penile implants in Central Asia. Urologists from neighboring countries, including Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, widely attended the symposium as it was the first of its kind in this region

During the symposium, Dr. Daniar Osmonov from Germany, and Dr. Park from South Korea held lectures and surgical demonstrations. On the first day, Dr. Park and Dr. Osmonov gave talks on the overview of inflatable penile implant surgery, and on the second day, performed live surgery in tandem with lectures

In addition, Salymbekov University in Bishkek appointed Dr. Park and Dr. Osmonov as honorary professors for contributing to the symposium in Central Asia. In the future, Dr. Park will further his academic exchanges with doctors in the Central Asian region to raise more awareness in the field of prosthetic urology in Central Asia