Stand Up Urology’s Dr. Park and The Institute of Urologic Excellence’s Dr. Wilson Enter Memorandum of Understanding to Become Sister Institutes

It was a busy week at Dr. Sean Park’s Urology, as it prepared a memorandum of understanding with the godfather of prosthetic urology, Dr. Steven K. Wilson, MD, FACS, FRCS

The last time Dr. Wilson came to our practice, it was to award the Center of Excellence designation, recognizing Stand Up Urology as one of the world’s highest-volume Penile Implant centers

This time, the recognition was mutual, as the two centers reached a memorandum of understanding as Sister Institutions for years of shared research and collaboration in the name of better surgical results

As both centers specialize in the surgical correction of erectile dysfunction, the shared goal has been to raise awareness of the surgery as well as lowering the risks and complications for patients to make the surgical treatment of Erectile Dysfunction a standard of care

Dr. Park and Dr. Wilson were joined by American physician Cesar A. Mora-Esteves, MD, as well a local Korean urologist, who came to observe Dr. Park’s surgical technique, especially his subcoronal approach for penile implant surgery