2021 SMSNA Invites Dr. Park as Moderator for Inflatable Penile Implant Session

The Sexual Medicine Society of North America held its 22nd conference from Oct. 21st-24th in Scottsdale, Arizona and invited Dr. Park to serve as one of the moderators for an expert panel session discussing difficult cases with penile prosthesis surgery

During this session, Dr. Park had the opportunity to present his difficult inflatable penile prosthesis case and this was discussed with other experts in this field

The Sexual Medicine Society of North America is the leading society when it comes to research and academic activities in the field of Men’s health, especially, penile implant surgery. Doctors including urologists, andrologists and sexual medicine specialists around-the-world attend to improve their patient outcomes through in-depth discussions and exchanges among experts in their respective fields of sexual medicine

Dr. Park is an active member of this society and will continue to attend more scientific meetings in coming years

2021 SMSNA Meeting, Invited as a Moderator