2021 PUA Midyear Convention Invites Dr. Park as Online Lecturer on Penile Implants

The Philippine Urological Association (PUA) has invited Dr. Park to its Midyear Convention to lecture on his expertise regarding penile prosthesis implantation

On April 23rd-24th, the PUA held a virtual midyear convention, Still Standing in 2021: Mastering Male Sexual & Reproductive Health, featuring a national and international panel of leading experts in their respective specialties of urology including male infertility, erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, and penile implants

The first day of this convention primarily focused on topics regarding the management of erectile dysfunction & Peyronie’s disease, while the second day concentrated on male infertility

Dr. Park had the pleasure of presenting his surgical approaches toward inflatable penile prosthesis as well as comparisons among common incisions, and his innovations in performing penile implant procedures through local anesthesia