Dr. Park Invited to Deliver Instructional Course on Penile Prostheses at the 38th Congress of the SIU, 2018, Seoul, South Korea

After 40 years and 38 meetings, The Congress of the Societe Internationale d’Urologie (SIU) held its first meeting that focused on penile prostheses in Seoul, South Korea.

The course director, Dr. Faysal Yafi (University of California Irvine), invited Dr. Park and well as fellow American physician Dr. Lawrence C. Jenkins from Ohio State University.

According to Dr. Park, the best way to avoid mistakes is to set a routine course of care and develop systematic methods for the nurses, the doctor, and the patient.

Dr. Park also touched on the pros and cons of IPP surgery approach, including infrapubic, scrotal, and sub-coronal, as well as his different approaches to reservoir placement to avoid mistakes and maximize patient comfort.